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If every school offered computer science, it'd be easier to use the internet to supplement your textbook, plan a year's lessons, and craft engaging assignments.

But as you've probably noticed, most schools don't offer computer science classes. Most teachers don't put their AP CS material online. Instead, most teachers build, cobble, and sculpt their own materials – until now.

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Get started with an IDE

IDEs make programming simpler by combining code editors – where code is written – with build tools – which prepare code to be run – and debuggers – which help spot errors. IDEs popular with AP Computer Science teachers include:

  • BlueJ free, open source, for beginners, requires download.
  • Eclipse free, open source, used in industry, requires download.
  • NetBeans free, open source, requires download.
  • Greenfoot free, open soure, for beginners, emphasizes object-oriented programming, requires download.
  • IntelliJ Community Edition free, open source, used in industry, requires download.
  • Robin free, for beginners, works in browser.

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