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When programming, it is useful to print information to the terminal screen/console output window.

Here is a basic example of printing to the screen:

System.out.println("Hello World!");         // prints Hello World! on its own line

The System part of the statement accesses all of the methods/classes associated with the System class. The out part accesses all of the methods/classes related to output. println is a method contained in System.out. It is abbreviated and stands for "Print Line," or "print the following information and then a new line."

The new line comes from outputing a \n, or newline character, which is like pressing enter on your keyboard. You can use the System.out.print method if you do not want to print a newline character by default, like this:

System.out.print("Hello World!");           // prints Hello World! on the line

You might use a print statement if your program takes an integer dollarAmount from the user, then prints the final amount with sales tax / meals tax to the screen.

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