Variable scope

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When we're writing functions, we can declare and use variables wherever we like. Consider this example and output:

int test = 10;

public void mainTest(){
    System.out.println("Main test: " + test);

public void localTest(){
    int test = 20;
    System.out.println("Local test: " + test);

public void paramTest(int test){
    System.out.println("Param test: " + test);

public void paramTestFail(int test){
    int test = 4;           // ERROR: duplicate local variable test
    System.out.println("Param test: " + test);

Main test: 10
Local test: 20
Param test: 30

What's happening?

  • Within the scope of the script we've written, test has a value of 10, which was assigned at the top of the script.
  • Within the function localTest(), test has a value of 20, because the int test = 20; assignment supercedes the int test = 10; one performed outside the function.
  • Within the function paramTest, the variable test refers to the function parameter, and it takes on whichever value it's passed. (In this case, it's 30.)
  • The last function, paramTestFail(int), wouldn't compile. Instead, you'll see the error message "duplicate local variable test", which means the compiler's gotten confused by having two int tests. You'll have to rename one of the variables.

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